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Rollator/Transport Chair

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Product Details

  • Dimensions:
    • Base when open: 24” by 40”
    • Adjustable Height: 33.25” to 38.25”
    • Wheels: 8”
    • Folded: 8.25” by 40”
    • Seat dimensions: 18” x 12” x 21.75”
    How To Assemble:
    • Open the wheelchair rollator frame until the seat is locked into position.
    • Insert the height adjustable handles into the frame, ensuring each snap button is visible.
    • Insert the two rear wheels into the frame, ensuring each snap button is securely locked in the desired position.
    • Insert front wheels into the frame, ensuring the holes on each piece are aligned.
    • Insert a screw into each hole and attach with a washer and a star bolt, so that the star bolt is oriented on the outside of the Wheelchair/Rollator.
    • Attach the footrests.
    • Attach storage bag to the frame with the fastener loops.
    How To Lock The Footrest In Place:
    • Fold the footrest down.
    • Gently pull the footrest around to the front.
    • Push the footrest bar into the locking clip securely.
    • Walker is equipped with a dual wheel braking system
    • To adjust the brakes, turn cable adjuster located on the handbrake
    Adjusting Handle Height:
    • Handle height can be adjusted in 1” increments with the push pins located on the sides of the rollator
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