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Knee Hot And Cold Pack

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Product Details
  • Providing soothing relief for knee pain, the Arctic flex knee ice pack wrap surrounds the knee with therapeutic cold and compression to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Great for post-workout recoveries, injuries such as sprains and strains, patella realignment, ACL repair surgery, and more, the knee ice pack is designed to contour to the knee for optimal coverage and is secured with two strong fastener straps for a customizable, non-slip fit. The dual-sided ice pack is durable, reusable, and reversible for targeted relief for the left or right knee as needed.
  • Targeted Cold Therapy for Knee Pain:

Perfect for soothing strains, sprains, and soreness, the Arctic Flex knee ice pack provides cooling relief with mild compression to relieve pain, swelling, and inflammation in the knee. The contoured ice pack is ideal for those recovering from surgery, ACL repair, patella realignment, injury, and arthritis pain relief.

  • Dual-Sided, Contoured Pack:

Uniquely designed with contoured edges, the knee ice pack wrap conforms to the knee for optimal coverage. The ice pack features sealed dividers to ensure the cooling gel is evenly dispersed and more easily wraps around the shape of the knee. Dual-sided, the knee-cold pack includes a smooth nylon side for intense cooling and a plush side for soothing coolness and compression therapy.

  • Flexible When Frozen:

Our durable Arctic Flex packs are filled with a unique, non-toxic gel that stays flexible when frozen to conform to the knee. The reusable gel ice pack provides up to 20 minutes of cold therapy to alleviate soreness following intense workouts, sporting events, and more.

  • Adjustable Fit for Most Adults:

Easy to apply with strong fastener straps, the reversible knee ice pack fits most women and men on the left or right knee as needed. The dual straps are easily adjustable and can be trimmed for a more comfortable fit.

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