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Ice Therapy Machine, Vive CTS-001

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What’s Included:
- Cold therapy unit
- Universal therapy pad
- Insulated connector hose
- Power cord
- Adjustable strap- small
- Adjustable strap- medium
- Adjustable strap- large
Uses: Relieves post-surgery swelling and inflammation. Reduces post-workout stiffness and pain.
Materials: Durable composite, Insulated foam tubing, PVC

  • Input: 110-240V AC
  • Output:12.0V-1.0A (1000mA)
  • 50/60 Hz

How to Use:

  • Add ice to the designated ice fill line on the base, then add cold water to the designated water fill line
  • Secure the therapy machine lid on the base
  • Insert the insulated hose connection in the unit until there is an audible click, then attach the therapy pad to the insulated hose, ensuring there is an audible click
  • Connect the power cord to the unit and to a grounded outlet
  • Press the power switch located on the back of the unit lid
  • Press and hold the ‘M’ button, then use the up and down arrows to select the rate of flow and duration of the treatment session. Press ‘M’ to confirm the selection
  • Secure the universal therapy pad with the adjustable bands
  • Press the start button

Care Instructions: Drain completely the following use. Keep hoses and connectors free of dust and other contaminants
Unit Base: 10” x 10” x 10”
Universal therapy pad widest point: 12”, longest point 11”
Connector hose: 5’
Small band: 4.5” x 15”
Medium band: 4.5” x 27.5”
Large band: 4.5” x 45”
Power cord: 5.8’
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