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Grip Strength Tester, Vive

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Product Details

  • Accurately Gauge Grip Strength

Perfect for athletic training, home and clinical use, the Vive Precision grip strength tester is equipped with a high-precision strain gauge sensor for accurately measuring grip strength up to 198 pounds. Testing grip strength is necessary for sports such as rock climbing, wrestling and gymnastics and also provides a valuable indicator of overall health.

  • Stores Up To 19 User Profiles

Great for youth and adult sports teams, the compact grip trainer stores up to 19 user profiles complete with gender and age for easily tracking progress. The unit also recalls the last record grip strength test for each profile and visibly indicates whether the current test shows an increase or a decrease in hand strength.

  • Adjusts For Every Hand Size

Easily adjust the Vive Precision grip strength tester to fit any youth or adult hand size with the adjustable knob. A correct fit provides a more comfortable experience and also ensures greater accuracy.

  • Large, Easy To Read Display

View the captured grip strength in pounds or kilograms, range indicators and user profile on the bright, easy to read LCD display. The screen provides a weak, normal or strong indicator, grip fluctuation indicator and an increase or decrease from the last test.

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