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Cervical Collar Coretech

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  • Rigid Exterior Frame for Enhanced Support
    The 172 Cervical Collar features a rigid composite exterior frame, offering superior support to individuals dealing with neck discomfort such as sprains, strains, and whiplash. This robust structure effectively minimizes unnecessary movement, aiding in pain relief and facilitating a faster recovery.
  • Effortless Customization with Push Button Angle Adjustment
    Designed for convenience, this cervical brace is equipped with a unique push-button system that allows users to easily adjust the brace to one of five angles of support. This feature ensures that users can tailor the level of support according to their specific requirements, enhancing the effectiveness of the collar in providing optimal comfort and assistance.
  • Luxuriously Soft Terry Cloth Lining for Maximum Comfort
    Prioritizing comfort, the interior lining of the cervical collar is softly padded with terry cloth material. This plush and breathable lining offers a gentle touch against the skin, enhancing overall comfort during wear. Additionally, it effectively absorbs moisture, reducing the risk of irritation and ensuring a pleasant user experience.
  • Perfect Fit for Various Neck Sizes
    Versatility is a key attribute of the 172 Cervical Collar. Its adjustable design allows for a perfect fit on neck circumferences ranging from 13” to 19”. This adaptability ensures that the cervical brace can cater to a wide range of users, making it a versatile and valuable addition to healthcare product offerings.
  • What’s Included:
    • 1pc cervical collar
  • Color(s): Gray
  • Size(s): One size
  • Product Weight: 0.56lbs
  • Product Material(s): PP, PC, Polyester, ABS, PU, Nylon
  • Latex free: yes
  • Care: Remove the fabric padding and hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Air dry.
    • Wipe down plastic with damp cloth and dry immediately
    • Do not machine wash or dry

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