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Arm Sling, 670 Universal

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Product Details

The 670 Universal Arm Sling will provide you an immobilization for improving your recovery after injury or surgery. Completely customize your level of support by adjusting the hook and loop straps located on the shoulder, wrist, and waist.

Designed for your comfort and convenience, this arm sling also features quick-release buckles, an off-loading strap, and soft removable padding. The complementary hand therapy ball helps boost circulation as desired.


Superior Arm Relief:

Helps immobilize the shoulder and support the arm to assist with a faster and more comfortable healing experience.

Easy To Use:

Slide your arm into the sling and adjust the straps as needed. Simply secure their positions and the stomach strap with the self-fastening fabric.

Fully Adjustable:

Use the O rings on the front and back of the sling to adjust the height and fit. Each O ring is padded for your comfort.

Universal Sizing:

Easily suits men and women of multiple sizes.

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